Why Meaning is the Future of Marketing -- and How These 3 Companies Are Pointing the Way

Also published at the Huffington Post. Recently, I've been thinking about what comes after the current rage for content marketing. As I argue here and here, I think that over the long term, the over-abundance of content will lead to "no-content marketing."

But even now, we're seeing the next step along the way: what we can call "meaning marketing."

Meaning is what people really seek in most of the content they consume. (The writer in me hates the idea of "consuming" content, but I guess we're stuck with that term.)

Meaning marketing aims to give them more of it. Here are three examples of companies that practice meaning marketing.

Spencer's 5-minute history of technology and political organizing

A while back our Spencer Critchley joined Netroots Nation founder Raven Brooks to talk to the Santa Cruz County California Democrats about technology and politics. In the course of that, Spencer gave a quick summary of the history of the subject (tip of the hat to Clay Shirky for the Gutenberg / novel reference):

The whole video is here.


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