Kerning? Is that an Olympic Sport?

Boots Road Group - kerned letters

If you were unaware, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between two letterforms (oops! not an olympic sport!), whether they are in print, on the web, or any other place. (Tracking, on the other hand, adjusts the space uniformly over a range of letters.) Graphic designers kern text to position it gracefully into the allotted space, making a better design - but just as importantly, kerning can increase readability.

Make the Time to Have the Time

Though it may not seem so to our long abandoned social circles, we young urban professionals do still have hobbies, interests, and hopefully a life outside of the office. And even though there might be seemingly insurmountable obstacles of deadlines, naysayers, and our flaky friends, we have to make time to have time to do things we care about. Spending the effort to make an idea a reality can fill us with the motivation and joy that can sustain us as we fall back into the daily grind at the strike of 8:00 on Monday morning.

Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Hashtags (the # sign attached to the front of a word) have come a long way since they were officially recognized by Twitter in 2009 (they actually originated in 2007.)
Once known only as the “pound” button, the hashtag is now one of the most powerful tools of social media. Hashtags help marketers find what people are talking about within seconds of them posting it.
People create custom hashtags for everything, from movies to weddings. If you don’t know how to use them, learn, because hashtags are here to stay!

One Profile Pic to Rule Them All!

There's a lot of social media out there - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn just to name a few. Everybody knows that we should be on all these networks and apps and other such web-things, but there just seem to be so many, and most irksome - they all are different. Ten different social media networks means ten different accounts, ten different logins and worse - ten different formats of your organization's exact same logo. Today I ran across a little tid-bit to make our lives a little easier.

How to remember all your passwords, all the time


Many people face a constant balancing act with passwords. We need to use passwords that are unique and secure enough to protect our information, but then it is hard to remember them. Storing passwords in your web browser is an easy way to avoid forgetting, but this is not secure on many popular browsers, including Chrome.

We at Boots Road Group highly recommend offloading the problem - use a secure password keeper such as Lastpass:

One More Step (Ladder) to a Sustainable Office

Nick Frey installing an LED bulb

One of the things we're not keen on at Boots Road is changing light bulbs. That's because our ceilings here in the beautiful old Professional Building are about 15 feet high.

So when a bulb burns out (way) up there, we're inclined to think green: "That's energy being saved, right there."

But as LED technology has kept improving, we now have another option: energy-efficiency and being able to see indoors.

Surprise! Foreign Aid Works, and Other Good News

Spencer Critchley

Also published at the Huffington Post. When you hear every day about suffering, incompetence and corruption, it's easy to conclude that things only get worse in this world. But in fact, there's all kinds of progress being made, and many reasons for hope.

One of the best reasons I've come across lately is the most recent annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation:

Could Jeopardy Be the Next Big Thing on Twitter?

We all know the format of the game show “Jeopardy” and how it famously makes contestants answer in the form of a question. It is very entertaining on TV, but could this technique also work on Twitter? According to the BI Norwegian Business School, phrasing Twitter headlines in the form of a question can double or triple the number of clicks compared to a declarative tweet. You may start seeing this “Jeopardy Effect” on your twitter feed more and more. Read the full story...


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