Highlights From Our First Year

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We’re celebrating our first season with highlights from the past year! It’s an episode full of gifts of insight from leading social innovators, on the future of work, universal basic income, reforming the way we bank and invest, why we vote the way we do, saving the oceans, saving democracy, and much more.


  • Former California Governor candidate Amanda Renteria
  • USC/UC Berkeley Professor Dan Schnur
  • Purpose-driven marketing pioneer Drew Train
  • Anti-poverty leader and socially responsible bank founder Joe Sanberg
  • Violence reduction expert José Arreola
  • Future of work experts Katie Caves, Vinz Koller, and Kristin Wolff
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium communications chief Ken Peterson
  • Santa Fe Institute researcher Mirta Galesic
  • Universal basic income advocate Natalie Foster.

That is a lot of Dastardly Cleverness!

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