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Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Hashtags (the # sign attached to the front of a word) have come a long way since they were officially recognized by Twitter in 2009 (they actually originated in 2007.)
Once known only as the “pound” button, the hashtag is now one of the most powerful tools of social media. Hashtags help marketers find what people are talking about within seconds of them posting it.
People create custom hashtags for everything, from movies to weddings. If you don’t know how to use them, learn, because hashtags are here to stay!

Could Jeopardy Be the Next Big Thing on Twitter?

We all know the format of the game show “Jeopardy” and how it famously makes contestants answer in the form of a question. It is very entertaining on TV, but could this technique also work on Twitter? According to the BI Norwegian Business School, phrasing Twitter headlines in the form of a question can double or triple the number of clicks compared to a declarative tweet. You may start seeing this “Jeopardy Effect” on your twitter feed more and more. Read the full story...

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