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Here's a great new tool for us creatives - Palettab - available as a Chrome extension. It works like this: Everytime you open a new tab in Chrome,  a new combination of color palette and fonts appears in the browser window. If you see a color you like, simply click, and the hex number is copied to your clipboard. All the fonts are available via Google fonts. Simple to install, really easy use, find it here: Palettab

How Open Should We Be?

People seem to either love or hate the open office concept. Once hailed as a sign of modern hipness, it's now sometimes called intrusive and non-conducive to productive work. It seems that instead of maximizing collaboration, the open office sometimes just provides interruptions and distractions. At least that's what Jason Feifer thinks, in his article Offices for All!

The Shape of Design


I recently watched a charming and lovely animation on Fast Company called Shape, created to explain to young people why design is important. Designed and directed by Johnny Kelly for Pivot Dublin, and a Dublin-based initiative MAKESHAPECHANGE, this six-minute film attempts to answer questions about the how and why of creating things. Although it's to be used in Dublin classrooms, this six-minute film is just right for everyone - highly recommended.

Type-Finder: An Online Tool for Finding Typefaces

If you need to quickly find a great typeface for your project, here's a terrific online tool that can help - and is kind of fun as well. (That's always good.)  Type-Finder takes you through a series of questions that let you define the use of your typeface, and then displays a list of fonts that it thinks will match the use. For example, your first question is "Where will this font be used?" You choose from web, print, or both. "How will it be used?" Headline, paragraph, or both.

What's not to LIKE about it?

'Generation Like' on PBS

Over the weekend, I happened upon the Frontline documentary "Generation Like," originally airing the week of February 17th. (View it on the PBS website here.) This detailed explanation of social media and its effect on teenagers and young adults was sometimes chilling in its demonstration of the lengths people will go to gain attention, to garner 'likes' on Facebook.

Kerning? Is that an Olympic Sport?

Boots Road Group - kerned letters

If you were unaware, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between two letterforms (oops! not an olympic sport!), whether they are in print, on the web, or any other place. (Tracking, on the other hand, adjusts the space uniformly over a range of letters.) Graphic designers kern text to position it gracefully into the allotted space, making a better design - but just as importantly, kerning can increase readability.

David Kelley and Regaining Your "Creative Confidence"

David Kelley (Stanford professor and founder of IDEO)

In this TED blog post, David Kelley (Stanford professor and founder of IDEO) is interviewed about his cancer diagnosis and subsequent epiphany. The epiphany was the underlying push which led to the creation of the Stanford, where students across the spectrum are taught the processes and principles of 'design-thinking.' Kelley says “The thing I most wanted to do was to help as many people as possible regain the creative confidence they lost along their way.” He's now co-authored a book with his brother about the subject, Creative Confidence.

The Secrets You Never See: How a Photo Becomes an Ad

Lilly in autumn dress

To most people, a photo is just a photo: you shoot it and it’s done. But to an art director, a photo is just a beginning: raw material to be transformed, in ways big and small, on the way to a finished design. A recent ad we did for our client Passionfish (a great restaurant in Pacific Grove,California) shows what I mean. We're lucky that Passionfish co-owner Cindy Walter is a lovely photographer, and she’s always sending us impossibly cute photos for use in their ads. She sent us one such photo (below), and I spent the afternoon seeing if I could incorporate it into a seasonal ad.

Anatomy of a Logo

I love logo design, everything about it, but especially the thought that goes on behind the process - the 'why' of how a new logo comes to be. When our client Global Majority came to us to update their branding and message, this was a great opportunity to explore the connection between an organization and their goals, values, and promise.

Global Majority's current logo was about a decade old. Our job was to take the same values that had supported this logo and create a modern, forward-facing logo that would be effective across international and cultural lines.

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