Type-Finder: An Online Tool for Finding Typefaces

If you need to quickly find a great typeface for your project, here's a terrific online tool that can help - and is kind of fun as well. (That's always good.)  Type-Finder takes you through a series of questions that let you define the use of your typeface, and then displays a list of fonts that it thinks will match the use. For example, your first question is "Where will this font be used?" You choose from web, print, or both. "How will it be used?" Headline, paragraph, or both. Should it be modern or classic, plainspoken or expressive, and so forth. What I like so much about this tool is that the defining terms it uses are easy for occasional designers to apply to text. (No sans-serif versus serif, but modern versus classical.) And, when the suggested fonts are listed, Type-Finder includes differing weights and faces, making your selection, if not easy, easier.