One More Step (Ladder) to a Sustainable Office

Nick Frey installing an LED lightOne of the things we're not keen on at Boots Road is changing light bulbs. That's because our ceilings here in the beautiful old Professional Building are about 15 feet high.

So when a bulb burns out (way) up there, we're inclined to think green: "That's energy being saved, right there."

But as LED technology has kept improving, we now have another option: energy-efficiency and being able to see indoors.

We (by which I mean Nick -- seen here up the ladder) gave it a try just the other day, installing a 15-watt LED bulb (thanks for the advice, Ace Hardware Salinas) to replace an 85 watt incandescent.

Wow! These things are amazing -- much brighter, a very pleasant light in the soft white variety we bought, and dimmable, too. So now we're working our way through all the burned out bulbs in the office.

These things aren't cheap: about $30 each. But look at the benefits:

  • More light
  • Way less energy -- less heat, too
  • We'll save an estimated $165 over the life of each bulb
  • That life is 25,000 hours -- 8.5 years if we were to use the lights 8 hours a day
  • And that means a lot fewer trips up the ladder!