How to remember all your passwords, all the time

Many people face a constant balancing act with passwords. We need to use passwords that are unique and secure enough to protect our information, but then it is hard to remember them. Storing passwords in your web browser is an easy way to avoid forgetting, but this is not secure on many popular browsers, including Chrome.

We at Boots Road Group highly recommend offloading the problem - use a secure password keeper such as Lastpass: Lastpass is free, and it not only generates and stores secure passwords for you, it types them right into your login forms. It works on IOS, Windows, Linux, and Android, so you can access passwords from whatever platform you are on at the moment. Plus, for a nominal yearly fee, you can share passwords with others - say your spouse. 

There are many password keepers out there, including Password Genie, SplashID, and open-source KeyPass. We are not biased as to what you choose, but we highly recommend that you use SOMETHING. It will make your online life much easier and more secure.