Great, up to date advice for raising money with social media & the web

By now, just about every nonprofit of any size seems to be using the web, email and social media. And yet many are behind the curve on using online tools effectively.

In particular, we find that many nonprofits use email as if it's just a digital version of a paper newsletter, and the web and social media as if they're just digital bulletin boards.

But in working with any medium -- the web, TV, radio, newspapers or, reaching way back, fax -- it's always been important to understand it for its own strengths, not in terms of whatever came before it.

Movies were at first pale imitations of live theater -- until ealry directors discovered the unique power of techniques like the close-up or edits that take the audience from one time or place to another.

So it is with online media -- and online fundraising.

Eager to catch up? One of the best quick guides we've seen recently comes from Heather Mansfield, of the website Nonprofit Tech For Good, in an article called "11 Donate Now Best Practices for Nonprofits."

Some of them may seem pretty basic, such as "Make Sure Your Nonprofit’s Information in GuideStar Is Current." But such advice is more important than ever when Guidestar is just a click away. Others are more novel, such as "Add a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Other Pitch to Your 'Thank You' Landing Page."

Heather's tips require no special level of tech savviness, but they will make you a savvier digital marketer. Find her complere list here.