George Clooney vs. a Bad Robot

The glitz and glam of the theater often outshines the hard work and the technical achievement we see at the movies. Everybody can name a few favorite actors or recognize a George Clooney caliber star. But ask about directors, then the average score drops, move on to producers and forget about it. So how does a production company stay in the collective zeitgeist? Consistency.

Even if you don't know the company name, one immediately recognizes the production company credits at the beginning of a film. Whether it's J. J. Abrams' 'Bad Robot' running through a field of grass, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott's bird taking flight, or the venerable 'WB' emblazoned on the screen, these images are ingrained in our collective conscience. They evoke a sense of wonder and excitement, the film is about to start.

That's the power of a brand. Every time we interact with it, that interaction is shelved away and added to our 'brand experience,' whether it's sipping a cup of coffee or a first date at a summer blockbuster. This experience can last a lifetime as it continues to grow and deepen with each new interaction. In the case of Warner Brothers, their 'WB' has graced the screen for more than three quarters of a century. It has delighted millions as the marker of their entrance to the world of film, and has maintained its continuity and staying power.

Here is a great site, showing the 'WB's' evolution over the last 80 odd years. Though tastes have changed, the 'WB,' in its many incarnations has maintained its brand recognition.