The Future of Work with Kristin Wolff

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About This Episode

Everything about jobs is now open to question — including whether jobs will even exist.

To sort it out, we talk this time about robots, the gig economy, income inequality, the disruption of education, universal basic income — even bitcoin.

All that and more from someone whose job is to work on the future of work: social policy consultant Kristin Wolff.

Kristin Wolff

Kristin Wolff

Kristin met Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation more than 15 years ago, and has been working in the jobs (unjobs?) and startup space ever since.

She founded a skunkworks in a workforce agency, tried her hand at big “P" policy in the UK Cabinet Office (Innovation Unit), and established a new business unit designed to work with communities and regions undergoing economic and social transitions (in a midwest think-tank).

She wakes up thinking about the future of work, building and applying her own skills as an adjunct researcher for Social Policy Research Associates (Oakland, CA), a small business owner (thinkers-and-doers), a working board member at Hatch Innovation (a co-working and community innovation space), and helping Hack Oregon make public data more accessible and transparent.

She’s also in an infinite pursuit of her "DIY second masters un-degree", a combination of formal, informal, and experiential learning in service of making work and learning work better for more people, firms, and communities. Her first two degrees are from Miami University (BA) and University of Arizona (MA), both in social sciences. Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon where she and her partner Robert do their best to unplug and head for the forest on Sunday mornings in search of the pygmy owl.

Learn more about Kristin at LinkedIn.

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