David Kelley and Regaining Your "Creative Confidence"

In this TED blog post, David Kelley (Stanford professor and founder of IDEO) is interviewed about his cancer diagnosis and subsequent epiphany. The epiphany was the underlying push which led to the creation of the Stanford d.school, where students across the spectrum are taught the processes and principles of 'design-thinking.' Kelley says “The thing I most wanted to do was to help as many people as possible regain the creative confidence they lost along their way.” He's now co-authored a book with his brother about the subject, Creative Confidence.

Kelley's ideas make so much sense to us - we're advocates of design-thinking here at Boots Road. I love this quote from the article "Some people think that we’re teaching creativity at the d.school, but that couldn’t be further from truth. We’re taking the blocks away from people being naturally creative." Read the interview here.