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A great hashtag, doing good: #ReplaceBikeWithCar

Satire is great. It allows us to critique and discuss topics too challenging to confront directly. Whether it's Mr Swift's Irish baby pie recipe or Mr Colbert's staunch idealization of Bill O'Riley, satire is the tried and true tool of political humor. To that end, last week the meme #ReplaceBikeWithCar was born. To contrast the often, but overlooked danger and detractors of cars, with the inherent, but much maligned safer, slower, and more efficient bicycles, folks took to Twitter.

George Clooney vs. a Bad Robot

The glitz and glam of the theater often outshines the hard work and the technical achievement we see at the movies. Everybody can name a few favorite actors or recognize a George Clooney caliber star. But ask about directors, then the average score drops, move on to producers and forget about it. So how does a production company stay in the collective zeitgeist? Consistency.

Make the Time to Have the Time

Though it may not seem so to our long abandoned social circles, we young urban professionals do still have hobbies, interests, and hopefully a life outside of the office. And even though there might be seemingly insurmountable obstacles of deadlines, naysayers, and our flaky friends, we have to make time to have time to do things we care about. Spending the effort to make an idea a reality can fill us with the motivation and joy that can sustain us as we fall back into the daily grind at the strike of 8:00 on Monday morning.

One Profile Pic to Rule Them All!

There's a lot of social media out there - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn just to name a few. Everybody knows that we should be on all these networks and apps and other such web-things, but there just seem to be so many, and most irksome - they all are different. Ten different social media networks means ten different accounts, ten different logins and worse - ten different formats of your organization's exact same logo. Today I ran across a little tid-bit to make our lives a little easier.

Thanks to all the staffers of the world

Here at Boots we do a lot of work with non-profits, and it's great. Getting to help these organizations do their good work is one of the best parts of my job. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the staffers I've worked with over the years. Though the donors may fund the operations, and the executive boards may make the final decisions, it's the staffers that get it done. So to all my fellow cogs out there, here is a small glib salute to you!

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